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All Things New

January 14, 2018

According to 1 Corinthians 4 we are called to live lives of power, but it is power rooted in love and a gentle spirit.  It’s the kind of power our world deems foolish. What does it mean to live an unoffendable life rooted in foolish power?

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"Therefore, we renounce any form of racial and ethnic indifference, exclusion, subjugation, or oppression as a grave sin again God and our fellow human beings.  We lament the legacy of every form of racism throughout the world, and we seek to confront that legacy through repentance, reconciliation, and biblical justic.  We seek to repent of every behavior in which we have been overtly complicit with the sin of racism, both past and present; and in confession and lament we seek forgiveness and reconciliation.

Further, we acknowledge that there is no reconciliation apart from human struggle to stand against and to overcome all personal, institutional and structural prejudice responsible for racial and ethnic humiliation and oppression  We call upon Nazarenes everywhere to identify and seek to remove acts and structures of prejudice, to facilitate occasions for seeking forgiveness and reconciliation, and to take action toward empowering those who have been marginalized."

- Church of the Nazarene Manual, paragraph 915, 2017-2021



January 7, 2018

As we begin this New Year, we look at the Wise Men's visit to Jesus and how God is making All Things New - in our relationship to others and even our past.  Stephen Riley helps us see how we might begin to see the holy in strange places and find redemption.

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Covenant Renewal

December 31, 2017

Together we recognize God's faithfulness and commit to serving God in the New Year.

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(Due to some technical difficulties with our microphone Sunday morning, it may be a bit difficult to hear Pastor Sarah for the first 30 seconds and the last minute and 15 seconds of the recording, but the audio is good for the rest of the time.  Thank you for your bearing with us!)


O Come Emmanuel

December 3, 2017

Joe Gorman's sermon from Isaiah 64 invites us to bring our hurt and brokenness to God.  It also calls us to consider how we can be the eyes, ears, hands, and feet of Jesus in the world by knitting prayer and action together.

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December 10, 2017

Leah Edwards shares with us about how to actively wait by preparing our hearts and lives for the coming of Christ.

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December 17, 2017

Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 reveals God's love and concern for the poor, those who mourn, the brokenhearted, and those who are in prison. God cares about those that are mistreated or forgotten. God cares about the people that go unseen.

This week, Pastor Linsey explores what it means for God to see the unseen and what it means for the people of God (that's us!) to join God on this mission.

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December 24, 2017

Even as the angels proclaimed, "Glory to God in the highest," the mesage was for the lowest.

A Christmas Eve reminder of the God we are called to follow.

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A Call to Prepare

We all have good intentions to do that which God has called us to, but sometimes we do not follow through.  II Corinthians 9 calls us to prepare ourselves to do the good and generous work of God.

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Exodus - Pastor Sarah

We find a confusing text with two stories intertwined in Exodus 33. How do we relate to the confusion and how might it actually be helpful?  Pastor Sarah helps us answer this.

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